Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Guess what guys! I got a laptop!

I'm almost half way through my first semester Junior year and have managed without a laptop. Now that I have one I don't completely understand how I did it! But yesterday I went out and bought a computer!

Look at me making grown up decisions! I bought a toilet bowl cleaning brush and a lap top in the same week! I feel like those are some pretty grown up purchases!

Anyway, I went to a local office supply store and messed around with some laptops for a while and read the things on their little cards and then posssibly the least helpful sales person offered his assistance. I mean he was nice, but he just wouldn't let this one computer that I really had no interest in go. "No sir, I really don't need all of that out of a computer. I need to be able to do school work, blog, and some internet searching. That's all. Just a basic computer." He and I we're not on the same page. I have no need for a $600 dollar computer even if it does have all the bells and whistles. But I learned from my time messing around. I went home and did a little more online research from my phone and decided that the Samsung Chromebook was right for me and found that WalMart had them $20 cheaper. I was sold! Nothing makes me happier than getting what I want with a discount! hehe!

Downside is I'm not able to download any microsoft elements. But I have google docs and google presentations and they can do the same things!

Basically I'm insanely super happy with this and now blogging will be a bit more convienint and I might make contact with y'all a little bit more often! :) Also: I totally recommend this computer! It's fantastic!

So there's a little bit of useless info for you day!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Commitment Issues: Shower Curtain edition!

So I have a really hard time being decisive. I just do. I would struggle being asked what my favorite food or movie or book is! I can't do it! What if all the foods, movies, and books I don't include feel left out?! I would hate that! Hehe! My point is I really struggle to commit to the silliest of things! Including a shower curtain!
You may not know this, but I recently moved off campus into a nice apartment between work and school with a wonderful friend! That being said I needed to purchase things that I never needed before. Some were easy, such as kitchen chairs and a microwave. But other proved to be much harder on my indecisive nature. I seriously lived the first 4 weeks with only a simple plastic shower liner because I would stand in Walmart and target and stare at all the shower curtains and not be able to decide I liked one enough for my bathroom to follow those colors. I seriously went down that isle ever time I was in one of those stores. And over 4 weeks that was many many times!
It wasn't until after Christmas when I went to World Market to return an unneeded Christmas gift (a really very pretty lamp! But J had actually given me a lamp already for Christmas that I liked better.) when I decided it was time.
It helped that World Market had a much smaller selection for me to worry myself to death over. There were only like 8 options.
I have never taken 8 options so seriously in my life.
I would stare intently at each one and ponder how the colors would look in my bathroom. After all, a shower curtain is a very prominent an large piece of bathroom decor! I would decide on one and then walk around the store looking at other items as I continued to contemplate in my head if I was really making the right decision. It was a struggle. I spent 2 hours in world market that day. This is not a healthy amount of time to spend on a large piece of cloth. Even after I made my purchase I needed to get everyone's opinion on it to validate my decision. (It's for my own bathroom! Why should I even care what they think?!) It's a piece of cloth. I can't even handle myself sometimes. And this my friends, is a bit of a commitment issue. Haha!

But it's pretty! Don't ya think?!

(I know it's not the best picture. I can only use my front facing camera on my phone. It's a struggle. #firstworldprobs)

Anyway! I'm gonna go admire my shower curtain and worry that my towels might not be the right color blue to go with it....
Have a great day!


I'm not even gonna make promises this time

Yeah. So I have pretty much neglected you wonderful readers for far too long! And I have made promises in the past of committing to blogging that I haven't followed through with. Please don't hate me! I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive such a terrible blogger as myself! Seeing as my track record doesn't put me in much of a position to make any promises, I won't even try. But I will say that I am going to attempt to pick up this blog again. I might fail. But I'm gonna try! That's right! 2 jobs, 18 college credit hours, volunteering at my church, sustaining a relationship with my boyfriend, attempting a social life, and running a successful blog all at once! I am indeed signed up for the most painful path to the insane asylum!
A journey like this should be documented though! Am I right?!
Anyway! Classes have been canceled today because of ice and I'm off work and so now seems like a good time to get back to blogging!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The slipping away of a dream of greatness (great blogging that is)

I really thought I'd be able to pick up my blogging more regularly once I was here in Charleston. Apparently that isn't gonna happen. Which is so sad! Because this place is fantastic! I seriously love this area! Downtown is so beautiful and so are the beaches and yep! It's just amazing! I work at a restaurant downtown and seriously love just being there! I get to see my boy more! And that's fantastic too! But I am way too busy for blogging! Two jobs, full time school, volunteering at two church youth groups, and attempting to have some semblance of a social life. Yeah. Blogging isn't number one priority. But I miss it. I miss you readers. I promise I'm not abandoning you forever! This is just a season of life and it will come to pass and I shall be yours again! But at least its all good busyness that's keeping me away. Not the "I'm so busy I'm losing my mind" kind of busy but rather a, "I have so many great things to do!" kind of busy. It makes a big difference. I'm happy here. I'll try to share little stories and pics as I can.

I hope you all are off to a wonderful start to this beautiful fall season!

Monday, August 19, 2013

So What's Up?

I think I might go to Ukraine again. No, like really guys. I really feel like I'm supposed to do something there. I don't know what or when and it's not like any opportunity has been opened up to me! But it gnawing at me! I don't even like Ukraine! Like really! That country has caused me so much heart ache and trouble! Why do I feel so drawn to it? Maybe its the beautiful matryoshka dolls? Okay seriously probably not. By the way, you can buy adorable ones from Matryonushka on etsy.


Anywho. I don't know what is going to come of this. But it's driving me nuts so I just had to write about it. Also, I'm starting a study on Ruth and I'm about to be taking two Bible Classes and volunteering at the church I just started attending and there's just a lot of Jesus learning and stuff going on right now. So that might be the focus of this blog for now. Although there is other stuff in life. Like this amazing soap I just have to tell you about! I promise to write a post about it and tell you where to get it! :) Thanks for reading!

College life

So! I'm all moved into my dorm! Living in Charleston is absolutely fantastic! I can't wait for it to cool down a little bit! But overall, it's fantastic! Along with my new home I'm looking for a new job. And just new adventures in general! Along with these new adventures I really want to blog about it! So! Hopefully I'll have some record of this fabulous time! :)
With that being said, here are some pics!
My room^
I went to church and the beach with my boy! ^
And my stunning campus! ^

Enjoy! I'll keep y'all updated on life!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Grandma's Photos

 So! I don't have much inspiration for something to write about today. So I'll share some of the beautiful photos of my Grandma! I am so in love with these photos! She was from Peloponnese  Greece. She came to New York as a very young girl who later became a model. So enjoy some photos!

Even with my Grandma being from Greece I have still never made baklava! And it's one of my favorite desserts! I think I might need to learn how to make that soon!