Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ukrainian Statistics Infographic

So check out these facts. I am doing some research on post institutionalized children for school and Ukraine is very near and dear to my heart. Let's look at some facts here.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Big 20!

I'm almost 20. It's weird to think about. I'm not really into celebrating my birthday. Never have been. Probably never will be. But this one seems to feel like some sort of milestone. Maybe because I made it through my teenage years? That's reason to celebrate I suppose! Or maybe because I've lived on my own for over a year now without any major catastrophes or break downs! (Yes there have been some mild break downs. But nothing too terribly notable. Actually I almost dropped out of college due to a break down at the beginning of this semester. But ya know, I didn't. so whatever.) Nonetheless. I am actually excited about this birthday! I've made it to my twenties! I have no idea what's coming in life and I'm trying really hard to embrace and enjoy this uncertainty. I'm entering my senior year of college this Spring and trying to keep an open mind about whatever life could bring along through this next decade! So yes, I Caitlin, the one who despises her own birthday, is super excited about this one! Plus Jeff is taking me out to a restaurant we've wanted to try because all I want for my birthday is an excuse to wear this adorable black dress I got at Plato's Closet like a month ago. (I spend too much money at Plato's Closet. I probably could start posting OOTD posts though. That might be interesting. Since almost everything I own is consignment or thrift!

Anyway, I got a little off track there. My point was that I can't wait for my 20th birthday this weekend! It kind of feels like I'm becoming a real adult. Not really, I'm still a child. I still call it a grown up purchase when I buy practical things. Like I still need to buy a dresser. That's a grown up purchase. I bought an air mattress a while back. Grown up purchase. Clothes from Plato's Closet, or random cute things to decorate my apartment, these are childish Caitlin purchases. After all, I still use Christmas lights to light my bedroom. I like to think this makes me cool and like hipster/boho/indie but in reality it's because I haven't bought a big lamp to light my room and I don't have an overhead light. (It does look very hip though!) So I'm not rally about to be a grown up. I'm still Caitlin and want to hold on to some of my childish ways and thoughts forever! But I'm a little more of an adult I suppose. I like this in between.

What birthday excited you most? Are you into celebrating your birthday or do you downplay it as much as possible? Share your birthday stories below! If I get some good ones I might feature them in a post!


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Colossians 2:10 - Possibly New Life Verse

Colossians 2:10 "So you also are complete through your union with Christ, who is the head over every ruler and authority."

We all have the things we struggle with. And they change overtime. But there always seems to be something. I could give you a very long list any given day. Just be careful asking because you'll be stuck listening to me go on and on about my problems. And that's just it. My biggest struggle in this season of life is forgetting that I am made whole in Christ. I am so easily overwhelmed by my own brokenness and my own problems and I forget that despite all for that Christ has made me whole. In fact, because all of that he has made me whole! I couldn't be whole on my own! That's why I need Jesus! But I sit around dwelling in my own imperfections and wallowing in self hatred for them when I need to remember that I am whole and I am a daughter of the King most high! This of course doesn't mean I need to just let myself get away with things but rather means I need to give them to God rather than try to fix them myself. I need him more than I know. I guess this verse is just a great reminder of the fact that I don't have to be so broken anymore.

This is a song I have treasured greatly over the years. This is possibly the greatest version of it I have ever heard. Gives me chills every time. Jeff introduced me to it years ago. Check it out. It also reminds me of this fact of my need for him and his great sovereignty and love.

So anyway, now that I'v randomly shared my struggles with strangers on the internet, any good verses that have hit you recently? Please comment and share!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Funday!

So I am going to take this time to present you with a random collection of pictures, stories, and facts. I believe it is only right to start off with a picture of a cow shaped coffee mug. In case you aren't aware. Coffee and cows are two of my favorite things. And this encompasses both loves in one small utilitarian device. And they sell it at walmart. And I'm in love with it. I just thought I would share. Maybe it doesn't bring as much joy to your days as it does mine, but just know. Someone out there had the originality to even come up with such a concept as a cow coffee mug, and that's a beautiful thing. 

I can't forget to include a recent instagram pic! Jeff got his ring at the Citadel this weekend!!!!!!! I am soooo stinkin proud of him. Like really, three plus years now of working his butt off at that school and its paying off and it's nearly over! I can't believe it's already his senior year! He is freaking fantastic! 

This is just the obligatory picture of Gatsby looking adorable. Of course I needed to share. Why wouldn't you want to see a picture of Gatsby!?!?!

And that's a snapchat from my boss. He feels befuddled. His face here just makes me laugh! He's crazy. He keeps a nerf gun in the office to shoot them when they're cut. He's an extremely competent and effective manager but has rabbits and interest similar to that of a five year old. Gotta love him!

I think I shall end with this funny picture of the "dad-bird" because I think this is the funniest thing I've read all year!

Anyway, I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday! Once I have more pictures from J I will post about the ring ceremony!


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Life these days

Hello dear readers,

It's time for me to fill you in on what I've been up to!

Up until this week I have been working three jobs while being a full time college student. Thankfully I was able to quit one and now I'm down to two jobs and school and it is truly marvelous! I am working for Mingle Weddings and Outback Steakhouse. Nice little thing I got going for me there. Without the third I have found a little more free time. Mostly that's homework time. But whatever! Moving on to the exciting things in life right now!

First and foremost! I got the most amazing pair of work shoes ever! They are non-slip so they are perfect for when I'm working at Outback and super comfortable and durable for the various terrains that wedding venues bring working for Mingle! Plus they look like Toms! What could be better?!?!?! I got them off Zappos but they are really from Sketchers. Way cheaper and way cuter than my last pair of work shoes that I wore right through. These really have been my favorite thing recently! I love them!

Also! Guess who came to visit me last weekend? That's right! My mom! Isn't she beautiful?!?!?!?!

She's an adorable little hippie who showed up in palazzo pants and a toe ring with homemade laundry detergent to share. She's essentially the greatest! We went to a parade at the Citadel and the farmers market at Marian Square and then tried out a fairly new place called Boxcar Betty's and oh my word it was amazing! We got the Boxcar which is like their signature sandwich and it is by far the greatest chicken sandwich I have EVER eaten! And that says a lot coming from a girl who hits up chickfila like twice a week! Plus the price was great! Basically I'll be going back again soon! And yes, I did take a picture of my food. I've become on of those people. But you have to document an experience like that!

I also took mom to Outback with J. Mom got his picture while we were there. Doesn't he look so charming in this picture? I love it! All fancy in his blazer and tie. I like that boy. I think I'll keep him around. :)

He took me to the beach Wednesday night just to walk around. Look how pretty it was! It was chilly though. So I stole his sweatshirt. I was going to borrow it but then it was so warm and soft that I decided he wasn't getting it back. hehe! (Actually I'm sure he'll get it back at some point. But for now it's staying in my possession.)

I saw that I have this beautiful picture of my amazing roommate in my phone. This is the greatest woman you will ever meet, just FYI. She's also my boss. But that's whatever. She's basically the greatest person in the world. She's going to have to be my roommate forever now. She's mine. You can not have her. So don't even try. I just wanted to share this beautiful woman with you for a moment. But once again, don't get any ideas. Cause she's mine.

I'm trying to do something crafty! I don't really do artsy stuff anymore just because of time. The only time I'm getting artistic is designing table settings for weddings or making flower arrangements for weddings. Nothing I'm not getting paid for. So I decided to start with something small in hopes I'll actually finish it. I'm cross stitching this stripped cell phone case. Simple enough. Surely I won't leave this project half finished, right?

All in all life has been good. I was feeling really sick for a while there and thought maybe my busy life was catching up to me. It turns out that I'm hypoglycemic and anemic. So that's been interesting to learn to adjust to. I don't like it. I don't like having to monitor my eating and such. But whatever. It is what it is! On the bright side! J's ring ceremony stuff is this weekend and I'm renting a dress from Rent the Runway! I'm soooo excited! I promise there will be lots of pictures and a review of Rent the Runway since I've never used them before. And then the weekend after that is my birthday and J's taking me to a restaurant that we keep saying we want to try every time we drive by but we never stop. Mostly because I have this amazing dress that I got from Plato's Closet that looks perfect on me that I haven't had a chance to wear. So I pulled the birthday card to get an excuse to dress up. I don't even really care about my birthday or celebrating it. But I really want to wear this dress. hehe! There will be pictures of that as well!

I'm getting long winded now so I'll let y'all go on about your lives.

So what have my dear readers been up to recently? Any interesting stories or things you guys are excited about coming up?


Monday, July 28, 2014

3 Years!

Guys! Last weekend Jeff and I celebrated our three year anniversary! THREE YEARS!!! That's a long time! I feel really old! I realized that my four year old baby brother in NC doesn't even remember a time when Jeff and I weren't together! Isn't that crazy!?!? Let me tell you, it has been amazing three years. Don't get me wrong. We had some rough spots in the beginning. But we've stuck together and I am SO glad we did! So now let me tell you how we celebrated!

Jeff knew I had to work from 8-12 on Friday which was our actual anniversary. (also this is the first time we've seen each other on our anniversary. Last year he was at field training and the year before I was working at a camp secluded in the mountains.) So he told me he would be at my apartment around 12:30ish and knew I would just want to pass out and nap because I had a lot of late night shifts at Outback and a lot of early mornings that made for a long week. (I had been picking up extra shifts every week to get his anniversary gift for over like a month now and all the extra hours were starting to wear on me.) So he said he would come over and he'd just put the TV on and I could nap. But what actually happened is that boy left his home around 4:30 in the morning (He's back at his family home for the summer and that's about 2.5 hours from where I live.) so that he could bring me coffee before work and drive me to work! It was like the most adorable thing in the world! It was like 7:15am and he knocked on my door and I was like "what the heck?! Who would be here this early!?" And I opened the door and hes standing there with Starbucks in hand! He's totally a keeper! Then he drove me to work and while I was at work he got the AC in my car fixed as an anniversary gift! It was the greatest gift ever! I live in Charleston guys. It's humid and hot everyday in the summer. I love it here but AC in my car has been missed. Especially since I drive so much for work. It was amazing. He picked me up from work and was waiting for me outside and he goes "I can't figure out a way to wrap your present." And I was all like okay! And then I got in the car and just like stopped. "Is that cold air I feel?!?!" and he just smiled real big and said "see why I couldn't wrap it?!?!" Then we just sat there enjoying the cold air for a couple minutes before driving off to get Sushi on base for lunch and the heading to the beach for a wonderful sea side nap! The we stopped at kickin chickin for dinner. We had an awesome waitress, btw! Then we went home and we watched the first Harry Potter movie. It was the first time I had seen it! Really awesome!

The next day Jeff still had plans up his sleeve! He drove us to Beaufort SC for the waterfront festival! We had a blast walking around all the little vendor stands and little shops and there was a really great little independent coffee shop that had awesome cookies and lattes! We got to see a really cool air show too right over the water with really awesome old planes doing terrifying tricks in the air that made me scared to watch! hehe! There was also a cool Coast Guard thing where they showed us a mock rescue. That was neat to see. My dad was in the Coast Guard so I was sending him pics while we watched. Then we went home and chilled until we went to dinner at Caraba's. (Outback employees get a discount there! oh yea! Good times!)

Then on Sunday we went to church and then ran errands! We got our friends whose wedding we'll be attending in the next couple weeks a wedding gift and grocery shopped and I cooked us a yummy Chinese dinner and we packed for a week of camp! I can't imagine a better weekend or anyone I would have rather spent it with! It was awesome! I am so blessed to have this guy in my life for the past three years! We also are both into music and we spent time playing worship songs on my keyboard and having our own little worship session. That was really cool and really fun!

And now I think it's time for a collection of pictures of us over the years! Going from oldest to most recent! Look at us three years ago! We were just little babies! How cute!!!


Yeah. We're adorable! hehe! I think I like that kid. ;)

Any big milestones in your life lately? Or something super sweet someone has done for you? I'd love to read your stories in the comments!


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer Camp and Internship Update

My internship at Seacoast church is coming to a close. I am absolutely heartbroken about this. I have grown to absolutely love what I do there and I love the kids and I love helping with their events and working with the people that I work with! Everything about that internship has been amazing! If I was going to have extra time this fall I would ask them about continuing the internship through the school year! But I am already going to have a very tight schedule this fall with 3 jobs and 18 credit hours in school. Sadly I will be unable to continue my internship with them. I only have like a week and a half left!!!! It's killing me!!!! My last day is going to feel terrible! I mean don't get me wrong, I'll still be one of their volunteers. But that takes me out of getting to help plan stuff and help with the behind the scenes stuff! I'll still have my kids though! I'll still be leading a small group! And a couple students this week that are too old for my small group have asked me to be their mentor and meet with them regularly to hold them accountable to the goals or decisions they made at camp. So I will most certainly still be involved. It just wont be the same and that makes me so sad. But enough with the sad! Let's talk about something awesome like how amazing Summer Camp was this week!

But let me tell you a little bit about the awesomeness that went down at Custom Summer Camp! It was an amazing week with over 500 campers at a camp that was put on my Seacoast church specifically for the youth from all the Seacoast campuses! Talk about taking Custom seriously! It was great! (To view some of the cool videos from camp click here)

In case you don't know this about me. My passion is for camp. Camp was huge to me when I was growing up on so many levels! It's such a unique way to be independent as a student and to encounter God in a way that isn't feasible at home. I truly believe that God having Jesus, Moses, Paul, John the Baptist, David, and others taking time away to live in the wilderness or some of those mentioned were outcasts or Davids time in pastures with the sheep, all of them had time away from the rest of the world where God could pour into them without distractions and to prepare them for the great things to come. And I believe that is a model camp should strive to mimic. I believe camp is to be that time away from distractions so you can spend time with God and your heart can be prepared for the great things he has planned for you so then when you get home you are ready to put things into action! Also for a lot of students who have more difficult family lives or have things going on in their lives that they just need a good break from camp can be an amazing conduit of healing and rest!

I've been involved with a lot of camps with different churches or organizations. It's what I love! The reason my major is Student Ministry is to prepare me to work as a camp director and hopefully to one day own my very own summer camp! Like that's seriously how much I love it. In case you aren't catching on. I love camp. Like it's up there with my love for Jesus and coffee and Jeff! (Obviously Jesus comes first! But Jeff, Coffee, and Camp are pretty much tied for second.)

Custom summer camp was amazing. So many kids were changed this week and healing happened and games were played and it was amazing. I had some amazing girl campers and got to know students who I never would have met otherwise! In that time I built some pretty strong relationships with some students I didn't even know last week that now they want me to be a mentor to them! Like it's really cool how camp has a way of building close relationships really fast! I fell in love with each and every one of these campers! I am already ready to do camp over. I think it's time for Custom Summer Camp part 2! ;) Okay. Maybe most of the other staff isn't feeling the same way right now. hehe! I guess I can wait until next year.

I also was super impressed with the camp staff. Like those that were there to work but not as counselors. They were all supper amazing and helpful no matter what situations arose! It was awesome! I was so blessed by the supportive camp staff this week!

Plus we had some really great activities! Like the color war! hehe! It was awesome! 


All in all the week was amazing and Jeff was also a counselor there and so it was soooo cool to see him working with his kids and getting involved in all the actives and such that camp brings! It was just really cool. We've worked at one camp before where I was a counselor and he was on the tech team but this was the first time we were both working in the same area. It was really neat. He's amazingly supportive of my crazy passion for camp! I'm so glad he was there even though we couldn't spend much time together! But of course the mantra of "camp is for the campers" is ingrained in my head at this point. So my whole focus during a camp week is my kids. So its not like we we're together much. Besides. NO PURPLE! hehe! Which I think even holding hands is purple. I guess the definition of purple changes by what age group of campers you ask. hehe! The 6th graders would probably tell you that just talking to someone of the opposite sex is purple. High schoolers....I'm not even sure I want to know how far they would think is okay before calling it purple. This is why I work with middle schoolers most often. hehe! Just kidding! Our high schoolers are awesome!

Goodness gracious I can not wait until Custom Summer Camp 2015!!!!

Did you go to camp as a kid? Do you have a favorite camp memory?