Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wedding Photos!

So I promised you guys that I would share my wedding photos a long time ago! We're nearly reaching four months of marriage and I am just now getting around to posting the photos! The move to Texas and the last semester of college and the new job have all kept me busy! But I'll fill you in on all of that another time! For now, enjoy the photos!

I shall begin with the wedding ceremony pictures! The ceremony took place at Palmetto Island County Park in their big open field. Jeff built the arbor we got married in front of! 
One of my little brothers walked my mom down the isle and I just think this photo of them is adorable!
Jeff's parents (aka, my in-laws. But that's still weird to say after 4 years of calling them Jeff's parents) walking down the isle! Aren't they adorable! 
My Cody and my Ellynn walking down the isle as a part of the wedding party! I love Jeff and I living in our own place so much! But I certainly miss living with these two crazies! I can't wait until I get to see them again!
Then I got to walk down the isle!
We stood there while Josh did the most adorable wedding ceremony! It was cute and funny and about us and our relationship together and I just really loved it!
People watched and supposedly listened to this adorable wedding ceremony! (That's my sister Kristina and my Grandma JoJo!)
Finally we got to kiss!!!! I mean come on, that's what this whole thing was about, right? ;)
Off we got to sign our marriage license to make it all official!
My Maid of Honor and Jeff's Best Man, Maddie and Christian! Love these two so much!
My wonderfully lovely Hannah and Jeff's college roommate, Ben! I love the face Hannah is making in this picture! She's the bestest!
Joey and Parker! Two of our college friends! I adore them both!
Look at us! I love this photo! How are we so cute? Is that conceited of me to think that? It's 2am. I'm just typing what I'm thinking. And I'm thinking we're adorable!
Up next: the obligatory family and wedding party group photos!
Me and my girls!
Jeff joins me and my girls!
Jeff and I rollin with the boys!
Weird things happen when there is no women around.

Me with my husband and my Cody! Oh how I miss my Cody! He tells me he's doing well! (Cody insisted on the kissy picture because Ellynn and I made him let us do that for his high school graduation pictures. hehe!)
All together now!

Jeff and I with the mamma's and pappa's!
We got all the siblings!
More family!
Even more family!

Now to all the cute things!
Yes that is a tiny ceramic cow. Thank's for noticing! 

The gorgeous naked red velvet cake made by an amazing co-worker of mine!

Getting our grub on!

My youngest brother just being adorable. Just thought you need to see this!

My amazing, wonderful, strong, courageous mother who doesn't get thanked enough for just being the woman she is! I love her so much and I am so happy to have this lovely picture of her! 

More of the beautiful cake!

What's a wedding without pretty table settings?!?! (Yes I did all the flower arrangements and bouquets myself, thank you!)

My dad and my father in law!

The obligatory "We wear the ring" photo from all the Citadel Grads!

And of course a volley ball game or two! Because a wedding is not complete without a volley ball game! :)

Now for a few dancing shots!

All the adorable dancers!

And time to say goodbye! 

But before we go I must share the cutest thing of all! 
I mean just look at how adorable he is! I love him so much and I am so happy to be married to this amazing man! I don't know what I'd do without him! I am so glad I am on this adventure with him! I love you babe!

So that's not all the photos! If you really want to see more, add me on Facebook, Caitlin Amelia Johnson. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Truth about Church Camp

Guys!!!!! This video is fantastic!!!!!!!!!! Granted I want to run my own camp one day and I will be working for two camps this summer so I support summer camp 100%. But this really sums up what it's about. Check it out! It's pretty funny!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Honeymoon in the mountains!

Okay guys. You're about to get seriously overwhelmed with photos from the honeymoon! It was so freaking perfect! Somehow I didn't think to get photos of the cabin we rented. But it was the most adorable little log cabin half way up a mountain in the middle of nowhere Tennessee. It was so lovely! We did some hiking and scenic drives and I want to go back and relive it all again! I don't have much to say for all these photos so just take a look. There's a killer panorama at the bottom. I still can't believe I'm all wifed up. I'm pretty sure I haven't figured this married life stuff out yet. But I'm working on it! And our marriage had the most glorious of starts! I'll stop chatting now and let you enjoy the photos.